Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year we had a pretty low-key Halloween.  We are both really busy in school right now so there wasn't much time we had to put into our costumes or celebration.  But it was still fun to have our first Halloween together as a married couple :)

Last Sunday, we went up to Amy and Mike's for the traditional dinner in a pumpkin.  It was very delicious (as always when we go up there for dinner :) It was really fun to spend time with them and the boys as well as with Anna, Brooke, Gordy and Baby Charlie.

Monday night, to follow a Cherry family tradition, I made mummy dogs for dinner.  My family will usually make them for either Halloween night or as part of FHE the Monday before Halloween when we usually carve pumpkins.

And on Wednesday, we dressed up for school and went to our ward's Halloween party.  It was fun to see everyone's costumes, especially the little kids :)

Other things that happened this week: Ben was really sick for a few days and is slowly getting better.  I found out that I have had mono for quite a few weeks, but luckily I'm on the tail end of it.

But other than that, nothing else too exciting has happened.  And sometimes, that is just great :)

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