Friday, January 19, 2018

Lucy Mae: 3 Months

Lucy Mae keeps getting more and more fun! She is getting to be so alert and can really focus on things like faces, books and toys. She also recognizes when I'm shaking her bottle to get it ready for her to eat! She can have "conversations" with people by cooing and squawking. Lucy is able to play for long stretches of time (30-45 minutes!) with her play mat and can listen to stories for anywhere from 10-30 minutes before she needs something else to do.

Lucy still loves to snuggle and when she gets ready for a nap, she loves to suck on her binky and fall asleep in my arms. When she's falling asleep is one of my favorite times because she is so calm and observant; just looking around at all the things to see as she slowly drifts off to sleep.

This last month has been a big month for Lucy. It included her first Christmas, her first New Year's (which she actually was almost awake for!) and her first flight/long vacation. She also got to meet Holly, Travis and her bestie Margo for the first time.

She is also getting on a fairly regular schedule. She will usually wake up between 6:00 and 7:00, sometimes even 8:00! She will eat, play for a bit and then be ready for a nap after being awake for 1-1 1/2 hours. She will nap for anywhere from 1-2 hours. Then she's up to eat and play again for about 2 hours. Lucy will usually take a pretty good nap in the afternoons for about 2-3 hours. She's awake again around 3:00 or 4:00 and will be up and playing until about 6:00 when we try to get her to take one more short nap, then she's up between 7:00 and 7:30. She gets ready for bed around 8:00 with jammies, vitamins, a bottle and some stories before she is swaddled and rocked to sleep. She is usually down for the night between 8:30 and 9:00, but some nights it's closer to 10:00 if she took a later evening nap.

Lucy's Favorites:

  • Lucy loves playing with the rattle Gooma and Goompa got her for Christmas as well as her Rapunzel doll she got from Disney World. 
  • Getting her diaper changed is still her favorite activity. 
  • Bathtime is still fun, but she really loves sitting on the edge of the sink and putting her feet in the running water. 
  • Story time is her jam! She can be screaming but as soon as I put her in story reading position and start reading she will usually calm right down. 

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites:

  • Still doesn't like being hungry or disruptions to her eating. 
  • She also isn't a fan of being on her tummy too long. She likes to do tummy time but once she is over it, she lets us know!
  • Sacrament Meeting and Relief Society are rough. But she loves Sunday school!

Things I Don't Want to Forget:

  • How much Lucy LOVED Disney World. She was such a champ and did fantastic sleeping in her stroller and the baby carrier. Lucy loved the rides she went on, especially It's A Small World, Peter Pan and Dumbo. 
  • Meeting Rapunzel and Snow White! They both thought Lucy was the cutest thing. Lucy liked Rapunzel the best, but Snow White gave her a kiss and played peek-a-boo with Lucy using her cape. It was the cutest!
  • How cute Lucy looked in her Cinderella ears. 
  • How much Lucy was uninterested in Christmas festivities, haha. Maybe next year!


  • 12/25 First Christmas
  • 12/31 First New Years Eve
  • 1/8 First flight
  • 1/9-1/16 First long vacation (Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando)
  • 1/9 Meeting Holly, Travis and Margo for the first time!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lucy Mae: 2 Months

I thought I would be one of those moms who is so sad to see her baby grow up. And while I am sad a little bit, I also LOVE seeing Lucy grow up. I love how she is trying out new things and is geting to be more interactive and fun!

In the last month, Lucy has become more smiley intentionally and loves to coo, squawk and talk while she is awake. She is a wiggle worm and loves to be down on a blanket stretching out. During the night, Lucy has been able to turn 180 degrees so her head is at the complete opposite end of the crib! She also wiggles her way down to the other end of the crib and sometimes gets her feet stuck up above the crib edge. She doesn't like that too much 😂 Lucy can stay awake for longer periods of time during the day and can sleep through the night, even though she doesn't always do it. When I go pick her up in the night or in the morning after she's been sleeping, she gives me the biggest smile and it completely melts my heart!

Lucy's Favorites

  • Reading stories. She has started to focus on the pictures and coo at the cute animals when I point them out :) She loves her Christmas board book and always calms down as soon as we start to read it. 
  • Lucy still LOVES her changing table. If she's upset we go right there and she automatically smiles and calms down. She still loves getting her diaper changed. 
  • Christmas lights! Lucy has discovered Christmas lights this season and she absolutely LOVES seeing them. We took her out to the Riverwoods for FHE and she loved looking at all of the lights. 
  • Bath time always calms her down. She loves the sound of the faucet running and is happy as can be just sitting in her bath seat. 

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites

  • Being hungry is still her least favorite thing
  • Getting strapped in her car seat she still doesn't enjoy. 

Things I Don't Want to Forget

  • Her grunts, coos, squawks and gummy smiles are absolutely my favorite! 
  • The way she wiggles ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Her cute chubby, rolly tummy and thighs!
  • The way she looks at Christmas lights.
  • The way she smiles when Mom or Dad pick her up from sleeping. 
  • Her favorite sleeping position: snuggled with her face between the crook of your arm and armpit. 


  • 11/18 First babysitter
  • 11/22-26 First trip
  • 11/22 First trip to a National Park (Grand Canyon!)
  • 11/25 First hike
  • 12/5 First attempt sitting up by herself
  • 12/8 Meeting Uncle Hunter for the first time
  • 12/10 Blessing Day
  • 12/13 First time getting nails cut

Lucy and her friend Emma. They're only 1 month apart!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lucy Mae: 1 Month

I can't believe that Lucy Mae has been a part of our family for a whole month! In some ways it seems like she has always been a part of our family. But in other ways it seems like she was just born!

Lucy is such a good baby. She is super chill, is an amazing sleeper and a great eater (as seen by her chubby cheeks and rolly thighs!) Lucy Mae is a happy baby, unless she's hungry. And she lets us know when she is! She is very vocal about her hunger and thinks she is starving if a bottle isn't in her mouth right when she expects is. (She must get her hangry-ness from her mom ;)

Lucy's Favorites:

  • Lucy LOVES being on her changing table. If she is ever upset as soon as you lay her on her changing table, she calms right down. 
  • This girl also loves to wiggle. She is super squirmy and can move quite a ways from the spot you lay her down in. 
  • Snuggling is one of her favorite activities. She loves being held! Currently her favorite positions are scrunched up on your chest/shoulder or being cradled while she puts her hand in your armpit and her face in your chest. It is pretty much the sweetest thing ever 
  • Even though she has only had two, Lucy loves bath time. 
  • Listening to stories at bedtime
  • Her nightly vitamins

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites:
  • Being hungry is pretty much the only reason Lucy cries. And boy does she have some lungs!
  • Burping is the worst thing ever for her. Mostly because it interrupts her eating. 
  • She also doesn't like getting strapped into her carseat or driving on 500 N. 

Things I Don't Want to Forget
  • The way she sucks her favorite binky
  • Holding my fingers while she eats
  • Her hands blocking her face while trying to eat and her getting frustrated because she can't eat because her hands are in the way
  • Her cute sounds! Coos and goos, grunts and snorts, and her nightly goat sounds
  • The way she naps with her hands above her head
  • Sticking her legs straight out while she eats and how they slowly relax and fall down the longer she eats
  • Those chubby cheeks and rolly thighs
  • Her big, beautiful eyes that look up at me while she's snuggled on my chest
  • Her sweet gummy smiles
  • The head butts she gives when she is being burped but is still hungry
  • The way she wiggles and squirms while playing on her play mat
  • Her major head dives when she is over burping and wants to get back in eating/snuggling mode

  • 10/16 First outing (We went to Walmart as a family to pick up formula)
  • 10/17 First doctor appointment (2 day check-up, 2 week check up was on 10/27)
  • 10/31 First Halloween (Lucy was the cutest pineapple!)
  • 11/4 First bath
  • 11/11 Rolling over from tummy to back (I'm pretty sure this was an accident though. I put her on her tummy for tummy time but her arm was stuck under her. She wasn't too happy about tummy time that day so she wiggled and flipped herself over onto her back. She did this twice back-to-back. But once I put her on her tummy and got her arms unstuck, she hasn't rolled over since.)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

39 Week Update

I made it to my 39 week appointment and my doctor was kind of surprised to see me there. She was so sure I was going to deliver last week!

I had a good blood pressure today and haven't gained any weight over my last two appointments which is good news. I am still 80% effaced but have now dilated to 3 cm and the baby is sitting even lower (which I didn't even think was possible!) 

My doctor striped my membranes today in hopes of sending me into labor in the next day or two. It might be working! I have had my strongest contractions since I was at the doctor's office, but now I'm just waiting for them to be consistent and strong. 

If I don't have my baby this weekend though my doctor did schedule to have me induced on Tuesday since she is going out of town on Wednesday for a few days. She said that my baby is big enough (she's predicting 8 lbs!) and that she has been sitting for so low for so long that she's ready to come out, she just might need a little prodding. 

How far along? 39 weeks 
Size of baby? Pumpkin or Watermelon depending on which app I looked at. They also say that the baby is between 19 and 20 inches and 7-9 lbs.  
Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans and sweatpants are still my life.  
Stretch marks? More and more come every day. 
Exercise? I went to the Rec Center almost every day this last week to walk for 30-45 minutes in hopes of getting this baby out! 
Sleep? I'm still having mostly good nights with two solid 3 hour sleep sessions where I can easily fall back asleep in-between the sessions. I've also been able to squeeze in another 3 hour session from about 5:00 am-8:00 am. 
Movement? She was moving less this week and her movements weren't as strong. She was making her kick counts though so I wasn't too worried. 
Food cravings? Still lots of milk and cereal. I've added baby carrots and apples to my daily intake and the last few days I've been drinking lots and lots of pineapple juice in hopes of it starting labor. 
Food aversions? My heartburn has been a lot less this last week. I still take Tums before I go to bed most nights, but I usually don't have to take them in the middle of the night anymore.  
Milestones? No more prenatal appointments! Membranes got stripped! Dilated to a 3! Scheduled to be induced on Tuesday if nothing happens this weekend!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Week 38 Update

Since my last blog update, I've had 2 appointments (my 37 week last Thursday and my 38 week yesterday). Baby is growing and I'm progressing! Hopefully this baby will come out to meet her family and friends soon. 

At my 37 week appointment, I was still dilated to 2 cm but 80% effaced. Baby Girl's head was sitting even lower which is why I've been having increasing pain daily. I was measuring a little bit big, at 38 weeks. I found out that my doctor will be out of town on my actual due date, so I'm really hoping this baby comes early so my doctor can be the one who delivers. The day after my appointment I started having really strong contractions! They lasted for only 40 minutes so I didn't end up needing to go to the hospital. This was actually a good thing because Ben was up in Park City (without a personal car!) for a meeting for work. Luckily I had some friends who were standing by on-call to take me to the hospital if I needed to go :) 

But Tuesday of this week we actually DID go to the hospital! I had been having contractions all. day. long. And they kept getting closer and closer together. They hurt, but weren't as painful as the ones I had had on Friday. I decided to go anyway because my contractions were pretty consistent and were coming every 6-8 minutes for almost 2 hours. So we got to the hospital at about 9:00 pm and they checked me in, waited an hour, did another check, then sent me home since I hadn't progressed. I did have slightly high blood pressure at the hospital (which is crazy weird for me!) and Baby's heart rate was pretty high, but it was able to slow down to the normal range by the time we left. Now that we've done a little "trial" run to the hospital, we will definitely be ready when the baby is on her way!

At my 38 week appointment yesterday, I had dilated even more! I was at a little more than 2 1/2 cm, almost 3cm! Woohoo! Baby is still sitting super low and is ready to come out! I also continued to measure big, measuring at 40 weeks. The doctor seems very hopeful that the baby will come before her due date. She said to come back in next week if I'm still pregnant, but that she would probably see me at the hospital before then! 

On my way to my appointment, I was having extremely strong contractions for about 15-20 minutes as I was getting ready/going to my appointment. And a little bit after my appointment I had another round of extremely strong contractions that made me think I would be going to the hospital! But, they only lasted for 30 minutes. So hopefully over the next day or two, we can get those contractions to go for an hour and then continue until that baby comes!

How far along? 38 weeks 
Size of baby? Everything is so inaccurate now. We just have to wait and see! But she is basically taking up every available space.  
Maternity clothes? I got my maternity jeans from Zulilly and they are SO. COMFY. Easily my favorite pair of pants to wear right now. I'm so glad that I got them. 
Stretch marks? Lots of little ones appear basically every day but I'm not to concerned 
Exercise? I've still been super sore so it's hard to go walk just to walk. But my errands are taking much, much longer to accomplish so I count my walking while I'm grocery shopping or going to the store. I actually like it because it is so much easier to walk when I have a cart to lean on! But now that baby is so close to coming, it might motivate me to get through the soreness/pain and do some serious walking at the Rec Center. 
Sleep? I'm still having mostly good nights with two solid 3 hour sleep sessions where I can easily fall back asleep in-between the sessions. So this means I've been getting up earlier (around 5:30 or 6:00) a couple of days a week. If this happens, I usually take a 1-2 hour nap in the late morning or early afternoon so I can get a good 8-10 hours of sleep total each day. 
Movement? Still moving lots and lots! :) She is taking up so much room and is getting so big that any movement moves my entire body and feels super strong. She still likes to move right when I'm trying to fall asleep and first thing in the morning. Maybe she'll be a wiggly little girl!
Food cravings? Still lots of milk and cereal. I have been a little bit more hungry at dinner so I've been eating a little bit more then. 
Food aversions? Still having heartburn almost every night. So I take some Tums right before I go to bed (sometimes a little bit earlier too if I can feel it coming on). And often I'll take some more when I wake up in the middle of the night. 
Milestones? Still having once a week appointments. First real contractions. Did a "trial" run to the hospital. Having strong contractions. Hopefully Baby will be coming in the next week!