Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 29 Update

These last two weeks seemed to FLY by even though I haven't been doing a ton. My back felt significantly better these last two weeks. I've only had troubles the last few days but even then, it isn't as painful as it has been in the past. I think it helps that I'm going to Aqua Zumba a couple times a week. Being in the water is fantastic!

My allergies are kicking up again. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights were awful! I woke up around 3:00 or 3:30 and was wide awake until about 7:00. Some days I was able to sleep for a few more hours from 7:00-9:00 or 9:30 but not always. I'm pretty sure my waking up is caused by allergies since I wake up because I'm having a hard time breathing (either congestion or really dry throat or both), my eyes are super itchy and I'm always super, super hot! (But that is a normal state for me throughout this entire pregnancy.)

This last week or so, this baby girl has gotten STRONG! She is kicking and moving all the time and those movements are definitely getting a lot stronger. She can now move my Kindle or a book if I'm reading and it's resting on my stomach :) Ben still hasn't felt her move yet, but I think he will soon because her kicks are becoming a lot more pronounced now. 

How far along? 29 weeks 
Size of baby? Pineapple (16 inches, 2.5-3 pounds)
Maternity clothes? I haven't bought any new maternity clothes lately. And I'm hoping I won't for the rest of my pregnancy... I'm still preferring skirts and dresses and exercise pants with oversized t-shirts. 
Stretch marks? Still none that I can see!
Exercise? I'm still going with my friend Mary to the Rec Center a couple times a week and we've been doing more Aqua Zumba over the last few weeks. I also go with Ben once or twice a week and walk around the track while he does weights. 
Sleep? I was sleeping really, really well up until a few nights ago. This weekend I was able to get a few more nights of really good sleep and I'm hoping it will continue!
Movement? This girl still loves to move! She is getting so strong and can bump my Kindle or book that I'm reading when it's resting on my stomach. 
Food cravings? Not really. I have been eating a TON of cereal though. And I go through a ton of milk. Ever since we got home from Europe I've been drinking quite a bit of milk but the last few weeks I'm easily drinking a gallon a week on my own! 
Food aversions? Not really. But I've noticed that I'm really hungry when I wake up in the morning and I snack/eat throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. Usually around 1:00 or 2:00 I'm full and don't want to eat anything until at least 6:00 or 7:00. But I've noticed that when I eat later, I don't eat a ton, but I've been getting heartburn more often. I've also been feeling nauseous when I first wake up in the morning until I eat something. And even then, I don't feel too great until the afternoon. But no throwing up! 
Milestones? Baby is getting so strong! Passed my glucose test! Sleeping through (most) nights. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Week 27 Update

Since my last post, I have slowly started to figure out my daily schedule, baby has continued to grow and we have finished up the last of our travels until after baby is born.

We celebrated the Fourth of July at Ben's parents and went to the Balloon Festival with Anna. We also went to Chick-fil-a on Cow Appreciation Day to get some free breakfast. The Davis Family Reunion was next on our activity list this last month in New Mexico. And we finally ended out my second trimester with a quick trip to St. George to see The Newsies at Tuacahn for Ben's 28th birthday. It has been so fun this last month celebrating some summer holidays and activities. It has been even more fun imagining these activities in the future with our little girl!

One not so great thing that happened this last month is that I got really bad food poisoning at our family reunion. We were in a slightly remote area that didn't have any medical facilities close by, so I sort of just rested the last day of our reunion and the day we were to come home, we stopped at the ER in Monticello so that I could get checked out. I was concerned about listeria and after calling the nurse line at my hospital, we decided that it was better to get checked out than for something bad to happen to our baby. So we stopped and were able to go right in (not many people in Monticello need to go to the ER on a Sunday morning apparently) and checked out. We were there for almost 3 hours and I got hooked up to a fetal monitoring machine (baby girl was fine the whole time) and I got hooked up to some IVs to get me rehydrated. After getting some blood tests done, my doctor determined that I did have a bacterial infection which could be listeria but there was no way to know for sure. He gave me a prescription for some antibiotics to take for the next week which are supposed to help. I'm feeling much better and I have heard the baby's heartbeat 3 times this week and each time the doctors say that she is doing well and sounds healthy :)

I'm officially into my last trimester! Which seems so crazy that it is going by this fast. I'm sure this last trimester might drag on (especially through the end of summer heat!) but I can't wait to meet our little one!

How far along? 27 weeks 
Size of baby? Cucumber or Lettuce (14.5 inches, 2 pounds)
Maternity clothes? I have two pairs of maternity shorts, but I don't love either one of them so I only wear them when I have to. I am mostly wearing exercise capris and skirts/dresses, none of which are maternity. I am still wearing mostly maternity shirts and bigger t-shirts. 
Stretch marks? Nope, but I am using a lot more lotion to help prevent them. 
Exercise? I go with my friend Mary to the Rec Center a couple times a week to go to a Barre class. She is also pregnant and is 6 weeks farther along than I am. It is fun to go with her so that we can do modified exercises together :) It is also the first time I've been to Barre and I'm really liking it! I like how it is very strength and flexibility focused which seems to be more up my alley the farther along I get. Cardio is definitely getting harder as this baby gets bigger!
Sleep? Oh, sleep. My nights of sleeping through the night are completely gone. It has been taking me a while to fall asleep every night (at least 30 minutes, but usually closer to at least an hour, sometimes more). And I also wake up for 1-3 hours each night before falling back asleep. Since this waking up is inevitable, I prefer if I wake up closer to 1 am or 2 am. That way I can fall back asleep by 4 am and still get another good 3 hours of sleep before I'm up for the day. If I wake up after 3 am, I usually only get 1-2 hours of additional sleep before I need to be up for the day. I would say around 3 times a week I also take an afternoon nap for anywhere from 30-90 minutes which are really helping. 
Movement? This girl loves to move! She seems to move all the time. She moves so much that I was concerned one weekend when I hardly felt her move at all! I called my doctor and they said it was probably fine, but that I could do a kick count to be sure. But since then she moves a lot, especially right when I'm going to sleep and when I wake up in the middle of the night, she is often kicking and wiggling. Ben hasn't been able to feel her yet but we're hoping he can soon!
Food cravings? Not really. I've been really loving Outshine fruit popsicles. They have a lot of fruit right in them and they have been lifesavers since it has been so hot in our apartment this last month. Since I've been sick though, I've been drinking a lot of Powerade and sticking to very bland food (toast, crackers, potatoes, plain pasta, etc.)
Food aversions? Not really. Foods some nights don't sound good, but I could still eat them. Most of the problem is that I get too full and then don't want to eat. 
Milestones? Baby still moving a TON. Wrapped up the last of our travels until baby comes. First time in the ER. End of second trimester!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 23 Update

I am definitely still loving this second trimester! I have felt so, so good. Even with our long 3 week trip through the British Isles, I was able to go, go, go for a lot longer than I was expecting to be able to. Our last few days in Europe were so miserably hot (compounded by the fact that Europe doesn't believe in air conditioning) then when we got home we are having almost 100 degree days which seems way too hot for June. Due to the heat (I'm assuming) my feet and ankles have been starting to swell like crazy. Even if I'm at home for most of the day, not running errands or anything, by the end of the day, they are still quite swollen. So when I am at home and can lay down, I try to keep them elevated as much as I can.

We find out the gender of our baby TODAY and I am so excited about it :) We went to the doctor's yesterday for a normal appointment and everything was great. We even heard hiccups when they were checking the heartbeat :) I switched doctors and I already like my new place a million times better than my old one.

How far along? 23 weeks 
Size of baby? Mango (8 inches, 1.2 pounds)
Maternity clothes? Since my last update I have still basically been living in skirts and stretchy jeans. During our trip to Europe, I ended up packing a pair of jeans that don't fit! So I only had 1 pair of jeans and 1 skies that I wore for our 3 weeks. It worked out ok, but now I never want to wear those jeans again. 
Stretch marks? Nope
Exercise? Since we were on vacation, I didn't really exercise because we were walking so much! Most days were between 15,000 and 20,000 steps with my top day hitting almost 25,000 steps. But now that I'm back home, I am working on getting into a good routine that includes walking at the Rec Center or going to Aqua Zumba. 
Sleep? Definitely not sleeping super well lately. Mostly because it has been so hot! When we were in Europe, especially on our cruise, I slept really well most nights because we had been so active during the day. But now that I'm back to a not as busy schedule, I'm finding it harder to sleep through the night. I still wake up 2-3 times but it is taking longer to fall asleep. I've also been waking up and just starting my day around 5:00 since I can't get back to sleep anyways. (Plus it is cooler in the morning and easier to do things around the house.)
Movement? Yes! The first movement was on my last day of school and I wasn't sure if it was actually the baby moving or not, but after these last few weeks I know that it for sure was! It must have been happy school was over :) Throughout our trip it started to move way, way more. It was especially active while we were riding trains, watching the evening show on our cruise and when we visited castles! About halfway through our trip I felt it have hiccups for the first time which was a really funny feeling. And when I was at the doctor's yesterday listening to the heartbeat, we could hear it having hiccups :)
Food cravings? Not really. There weren't many times on our trip where something sounded especially good. But the few times I did have cravings it was for Five Guys which we actually were able to eat at a few times. 
Food aversions? Not really an food aversions these last few weeks. Now that I'm back on a regular schedule though I'm curious to see if things start to sound bad. I'm planning on making a salad with dinner tonight so we will see if I can actually eat it. (Salad has been one of my biggest, and longest, food aversions this pregnancy)
Milestones? Baby moving a TON. Successfully had a nice trip to the British Isles. Switched doctors. Finding out TODAY what we are having :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 17 Update

My second trimester really has been the best! I can't remember the last time I threw up. I am able to eat more of a variety of foods. And I'm not having nearly as many food aversions as I did in my first trimester! 

I have a LOT more energy which has made teaching much more enjoyable. I can now teach a normal day without feeling too tired and I can usually run a few errands after school a couple days a week without feeling exhausted. I also have been better the last few weeks at planning a menu and actually being able to eat what I planned! Ben has continued to be amazing with helping me with dinner and doing the dishes almost every night. He also continues to make me a smoothie for breakfast every day (which he has been doing for over 2 years!)

I have started to poke out over the last week or so. And it is definitely noticeable. I'm sticking with stretchy waisted skirts and pants as well as comfy maxi dresses and belly bands over my pre-pregnancy pants (if I have to wear them). I'm also starting to wear maternity shirts because I love how long they are!

One hard thing about this trimester is that I get cramps quite often from my growing baby. They are pretty constant and I get them almost every day. If I'm home, I try to just lay down as much as I can and that seems to help but when we are out and about or if I am teaching, they seem to be more painful. 

Starting around 14 weeks, I will have about 2 days a week to every other week where I am STARVING and eat for what seems like 2 days straight! Then I go back into eating smaller portions and snacking throughout the day. But for 2 days, I definitely feel like a teenaged boy with the amount of food I can consume!

We are gearing up for our Europe trip this summer to London and on a cruise around the British Isles. Everything is planned so far and I hopefully won't get too tired throughout our 3 week trip. I am also wrapping up my 3rd year of teaching and will be finished in a week and a half. 

We are planning on finding out the gender of our baby, but the clinic that I go to will not let you get an anatomy ultrasound before 20 weeks. And I will be 20 weeks 3 days after we leave on our trip. So, we won't be able to get that exciting news until we get home at the end of June. 

How far along? 17 weeks 
Size of baby? 5 inches (size of an onion) 6 ounces
Maternity clothes? I am still continuously wearing stretchy skirts and dresses as well as some elastic waisted non-maternity jeans from Old Navy that I am LOVING! I also have some belly bands that I wear with some work pants. And just this week I have started wearing maternity shirts because they are nice and long. 
Stretch marks? Nope
Exercise? I try to make sure I'm walking a lot more in my classroom, and starting last week, Ben and I have started going to the Rec Center 2-3 times a week to lift weights. 
Sleep? I have been sleeping GREAT until this last week. The last few nights I have had to wake up 2-3 times a night to readjust my sleeping position and then I have been waking up between 4:00 and 4:30 am wide awake and haven't been able to get back to sleep very well. 
Movement? Nothing yet, but I should in the next few weeks. 
Food cravings? Thick, chewy, chocolate chunk cookies have been on my craving list as well as Creamy Parmesan Pasta Roni. But more and more foods are starting to sound good. 
Food aversions? Still really against salad and pesto. I was totally against having leftovers for a few weeks, but now they are ok. 
Milestones? Well into my 2nd trimester. Finishing up the school year (done on May 26th). Finished planning our Europe trip that we go on in a few weeks. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My First Trimester

Now that our Yellow Van Travels blog is out of it's first year and I'm into a routine with blogging over there, I now feel like I am ready to start blogging over here again on a (somewhat) regular basis.

To start out, I want to record how things are going in my pregnancy! After two rounds of infertility treatment without getting pregnant, we were planning on waiting to continue with treatment until the summer. But Heavenly Father had other plans for us! On February 7th we found out I was pregnant. We were both so excited and I wanted to tell everyone! It was so hard keeping it a secret for as long as we did. We told both of our families at the end of February and a few of our close friends in the weeks after. 

Overall I haven't been very sick throughout my pregnancy, and I am so grateful. In the beginning I was just so tired; I'd come home from work and be ready to go to bed. But over the last few weeks (right before we went on our trip to Washington D.C.) I started to get a lot more energy back which has been so great. 

I haven't been too sick. The first few weeks of my pregnancy I would be throw up a few times a week usually in the evenings. But right around week 10 I started getting sick in the morning if I didn't eat right away. Now I only get sick if I eat a lot of food after 6:30 or 7:00 at night or if I smell something bad (our garbage can and Cesar salad dressing are the two biggest culprits the last few weeks). 

I haven't had too many big cravings. But things that always sound good are mozzarella sticks (and almost anything that is salty and breaded), string cheese or cheese and crackers, applesauce, toast, mac and cheese (especially homemade!) and smoothies. I also am always wanting breads of all kinds and potatoes prepared in any way (baked is my favorite this week, but in the past fries and mashed have also been favorites). 

I seem to have more food aversions than cravings. Pesto, paninis, spicy foods, big chunks of meat, salad/any green veggies and Tomato Basil Wheat Thins (and lots of other things that are tomato based) are all off my eating list for a while. 

How far along? 13 weeks (as of April 13th)
Size of baby? 3 inches (size of a peach) .8 ounces
Maternity clothes? Not yet, but I have ordered some shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and a swimming suit over the last few weeks. But my current pants are all feeling a bit too snug. I have 2 pairs of jeans that I can stand wearing, but for work I basically only wear stretchy skirts and dresses. When I get home from work (if I'm not going out again) I always go straight for exercise clothes or pajamas. 
Stretch marks? Not yet!
Exercise? I haven't really been exercising that much. But I'm hoping with my newfound energy that I can make it to the rec center a few times a week. 
Sleep? Most nights I sleep pretty well; usually once a week I wake up pretty frequently throughout the night. But almost every morning I wake up with some weird pain usually in my back or my arm from the weird sleeping positions I've been sleeping in. 
Movement? Nothing yet
Food cravings? This week the biggest cravings I've had are for homemade rolls and "Those Yummy Potatoes" (known to the rest of the Mormon world as Funeral Potatoes). 
Food aversions? Still really against salad and tomato based foods
Milestones? Almost out of my first trimester! Decided I'm not going back to teach in the fall. 2nd doctor appointment.