Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meagan's Lovely Wicked Birthday

Last week was my birthday week.  (And for those of you who know me well know that I celebrate my birthday for at least a week) I had so much fun spending time with my family and got lots of birthday wishes from friends and loved ones.  

Last Sunday Ben and I went to my grandparents' for our traditional Sunday dinner.  Since it was my birthday week, we also celebrated my birthday with a delicious chocolate layered cake and bright, happy birthday decorations.

Monday we had a birthday party with some of Ben's family for me and our sister-in-law Brooke whose birthday was this past Sunday. We kind of celebrated Charlie's birthday too since the day before he turned 7 months old :) We had a yummy dinner and a delicious cake that I will someday post the recipes for.  

Wednesday was my actual birthday.  Since Wednesday's are our long days at school we didn't do too much.  I opened up the presents my parents and siblings sent me and then Ben and I got ice cream.

Thursday amidst running errands, Ben and I went to dinner at a place we've been wanting to go to: Dickey's Barbecue Pit.  It was really good.  They had lots of choices and it wasn't too expensive.  Definitely our kind of place :)

Friday morning we left super early in the morning for a birthday trip to Arizona! We made really good time and got to my Grandma Penny's just in time for a delicious steak dinner. The weather was so lovely that Ben and I went swimming that evening after dinner. 

Saturday was by far the best day of my birthday week :) We got up in the morning and I took Ben to see the Mesa Swap Meet.  It was definitely Ben's kind of place :) Full of all sorts of treasures. We came back to my grandma's and had breakfast then we headed down to Tucson to go see WICKED! Yep, for my birthday Ben bought us tickets to go see Wicked.  We stopped and had lunch at Chipotle then went to the Tucson Music Hall and watched an amazing production of Wicked.  We had been listening to the music a lot on our trip but it was a completely different experience seeing the story that goes along with the music.  We both loved it and already want to go see it again :)

We had such a great trip.  I loved seeing my Grandma Penny :) At various times in my post-high-school life I have had the wonderful opportunity to live with her for different lengths of time and they have all been enjoyable.  I love spending time with my grandma :) This trip was also great because Ben and I just focused on spending time with each other; we hardly used any electronics, we were rarely apart or doing our own thing.  It was great for 3 days to always be with each other and it was definitely the boost we needed to give us energy to get through these last few weeks of school.

Here's a little kick of Wicked:
Defying Gravity
Dancing Through Life
As Long As You're Mine
What is This Feeling?

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  1. I’m so glad you were able to have a fun birthday week!!~Bonnie