Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Week of School Mosts

This week was my first week of school! I am starting my last semester of classes on campus and I am very excited for all that I will be learning! So far, I love all of my classes. In addition to my methods courses in science, social studies, math, literacy and technology I am also taking a Zumba class and a flexibility class in the evenings.

So, to summarize my first week of school, here are a few of the "mosts" from the week:

Most exciting class:

  • Academically, this would have to be my social studies class. My professor is so great. She recognized me on the first day from a class that she took from the professor I TA for last spring. We have had a lot of fun in that class and we get to participate a lot. And Social Studies was one of my favorite subjects in elementary school so I am excited to learn how to teach social studies so my students will love it. 

Most enthusiastic professor:

  • This is a tie between my literacy teacher (Brad Wilcox) and my math professor (Damon Bahr). Bro. Wilcox is a  great teacher. He loves students and teaching and every class feels like I'm listing to those teen motivational CDs or DVDs I listened to in middle school and high school. I always laugh so much in that class but I am still learning at the same time. Dr. Bahr is super funny to, but in a different way. Last class he made at least 10 references to rock music from the 70s and 80s, with at least 4 of those references specifically to Journey songs. He also makes ridiculous puns and he over exaggerates things a lot. But the best part of all of this is that he does it with a straight face. I laugh a lot in that class too. But I really like how excited my professor is about math and how it makes me excited to learn how to teach math. 

Most favorite picture of the week:

Most favorite meal:

  • Crock-pot Chicken Tortilla Soup (super easy recipe coming soon!)

Most scary (ok, scariest) moment:

  • On Wednesday morning, I went to the class that I TA for. I got the computer and projector all set up and my professor still wasn't in class. I waited and waited and he still didn't show up! So I started class without knowing what was going on and taught for almost 30 minutes before my professor came. It wasn't until after I was done teaching that I got the email and text my professor sent me explaining that he left late from a meeting and couldn't find a parking spot. Even though it was scary, it was a really good experience for me as a teacher to see that I can "wing-it" if I have to. It was actually fun, once I started, to stand up in front of the class and share my knowledge of the topic we were discussing with my students. 

Thing I am most excited to be done with:

  • My internship application is in! Now I don't have to deal with the crazy busy, unorganized Education Student Services office for a while! Woohoo!

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