Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is It Christmas Yet?

This week was the last week of classes! I can't believe how fast the semester has gone.  It seriously seems like just a few weeks ago Ben and I were coming home from our honeymoon and were frantically trying to get everything together before school started.

This semester has been a great one for both of us.  I am really getting into my major classes and I'm learning a lot about how to be a great teacher :) and this semester Ben actually likes every one of his classes (this means that finals week will be great for both of us!).  Usually there's at least one that gives him a hard time and really stresses him out, but not this semester and I am so grateful for that :)

We are starting to get ready for finals and for Christmas.  We've been studying and I've been working a lot.  Being a TA means lots of extra hours at the end of the semester.  I spent over 6 hours in the last two days grading exams! And there is still plenty more work and grading to be done before grades are due.  But that's ok :) I absolutely love my job and I get to work with the greatest people.  My professor and the other TA are the greatest and make work so enjoyable.

To prepare for Christmas we have our apartment all decorated :) All the presents are wrapped.  We have driven and walked around to see Christmas lights (and more will be seen in the next week as we hopefully make it to Thanksgiving Point and Temple Square).  We went to our ward's Christmas party. (It was catered by Texas Roadhouse.  Be jealous Hunter :) And today we had our ward's Christmas program.

Christmas time is the best!

 The nativity at the Provo Temple
 Christmas lights on Center Street
Lights outside the Covey Center in downtown Provo

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