Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Princess and the Tree

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess and her name was Meagan, and she loved Christmas, she loved it so much that she accumulated a number of decorations with which to display her great admiration for the Holiday which commemorates the advent of our Savior. Among this finery of festivity there was one that stood out amongst the rest (mostly because it was the tallest and the largest) it was a fake green christmas tree. Upon this tree the princess would hang lights and other ornaments to the pleasure of all around her.

But one day the princess got married and she was very happy, everything was perfect except for one thing. The house where she lived with her new husband was, well one might say, small, tiny, minute at best. The princess, as princesses do, had a number of possessions (including shoes and gowns) and it simply would not fit inside the petite palace. Her husband, though loving and kind, informed her that the Christmas sapling would have to go, and the princess was sad, but she in her goodness left it at a second hand shop where it could brighten some other's Christmas. And time went on and the tree was forgotten about until Thanksgiving came and went, and with it the smaller decorations appeared about the princess's home, but not the tree, and the princess was happy, but just a little sad.

Then one day in early December as the princess was preparing to dine with her beloved there was knock upon the door. When the door was opened what should they find but a box from ProFlowers. Now one might expect that there were flowers in the box, but one would be wrong. When the princess opened the parcel, which stood on end as flowers aught not to do, what should she find but a small spruce tree of just the size that would fit so nicely into the small home. The princess's mum had found this tree and sent it to her, and the princess was happy and not a little bit sad.


  1. Moms are the best, aren't they? So glad princess Meagan can have a tree! And I'm so glad you guys are keeping this blog--I stalk you all the time :) You guys are rocking the newlywed life!

  2. I'm impressed with the writing style as well as the story :D