Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to get a new job

Well this week was the start of a new semester for the Nielsens. It seemed like a very long week slugging through the first few days of classes, but it should be a good semester. Anyway I have learned something interesting that I thought I would share with you considering that the economy is not what it could be. I have learned the secret to getting a job. I know you are probably all very impressed, and now I am going to share this secret with you:


That's right folks, ask for a job, and then you will get one. Well I don't know if that is always the case, but its worked for me so far. You may want to know why I am telling you this now, it is because I just recently, as in this week, got another new job. Interestingly enough this is how I have gotten my current two on campus jobs, and my internship over the summer. It is also a principle they taught us in career strategies last semester, but of course I already knew it. But since you don't actually read this blog for economic advice you probably don't really want me to teach you how to get a job but actually tell you what my new job is. I'm still working as a TA for Bro. Wayment for both New Testament and Book of Mormon, in addition to that I will be doing a little work as a TA for my reading teacher from the last semester, Professor Isachson. 

Toward the end of last semester I just asked her Professor Isachson if she needed any new TA's for the coming semester, I had really enjoyed the class and since asking this question had gotten me a job with Bro. Wayment the year before I thought why not I might as well ask. She said she wasn't sure and funding was a little tight but that she would love to have me. We discussed the possibility of me doing research into applying the reading strategies to electronic texts and she said she would see. Well she told me at the final that there just wasn't any money to hire anybody. But then a week ago I got a very excited email from her saying she had scrounged up some money to allow me to do a little bit of work over the semester. I'm pretty excited about it should be a lot of fun to help switch these strategies for reading over to the digital age.

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  1. Ben, that's wonderful! I'm really excited for you. BTW, I'm finally reading the speed-reading book and have started applying (the most basic) suggestions.