Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Home and Dirty Dishes

At the very end of April we moved to a new apartment! Good-bye dark, small basement and hello tall ceilings, large windows with lots of natural light and a huge kitchen.  Everything is pretty much unpacked and as soon as we finish hanging shelves and pictures, organizing piles and I get around to taking pictures, I'll do a side-by-side post about our old and new apartments.

Our new apartment has lots of great architecture, tall ceilings and lots of ways to decorate :) I found this poem on Pinterest and thought it was so cute.  I hate doing the dishes (and I'm doing them a lot more this term) but this poem makes me happy and I don't mind doing the dishes as much :) All I did was re-type the poem and made a cute little graphic that can be printed, cut out and framed.

Below are a few different versions of the poem in different colors that you can print to match your kitchen. Enjoy :)

Click on the picture to get the png file.  Choose the one that you would like and download it to your computer.  You can then put it into a Word document as a photo and resize for your preference. 
*Note: This was originally designed to fit a 4"x6" picture frame; enlarging the file may cause distortion*

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