Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sydney's Wedding

Yesterday, my best friend (besides my husband of course) got married to her Prince Charming.  Sydney is truly my favorite girl in the entire world.  We met when we were freshmen at Late Summer Honors at BYU and we have been best friends ever since.

We have had some grand adventures as well as some silly ones like dancing in the rain at midnight followed by eating ice cream while we warmed up watching girly movies.  We have been on the longest road trip ever complete with 8 solid hours of Disney songs. We have had many Skype dates and texting conversations that cover any topic imaginable (but mostly they revolved around boys and love and wondering if we would ever get boyfriends, let alone get married).

And now, here we are.  Almost 3 years since we first met and we are both married to our eternal best friends, but we still have a special place for each other that our husbands just don't quite fit.  It's a girl thing :)

The things I love about Sydney:

  1. She is the cutest, happiest girl you will ever meet.
  2. She can always make me smile.
  3. She can always make me cry (in a good way of course:)
  4. We both swear we were sisters who were separated at birth.
  5. She has helped me through lots of tough times. 
  6. She cracks me up with the stories she has to tell (like the time she was walking back to her dorm from mine late a night and was listening to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan and was doing karate moves all the way home so no one would attack her :) 
  7. She is the person who understands when I'm just being a girl, and I understand her when she's just being a girl.

I am so happy that Sydney found Jon and that they were able to get married in the temple.  I am so glad that she and Jon get to be as happy as me and Ben are and that they get to have the same wonderful blessings we receive from being sealed in the temple. 

Ben and I both love Sydney and Jon so much and are so excited for them to start their new life together :)

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  1. Meagan, what a lovely tribute to your friendship! I've often told Sydney that her group of gal pals reminds me of my own group of college sisters. They are the best friends, through school and work and husbands and children, your girls will always be your best friends. You'll find that no matter how much time goes by you can pick up where you left off, with all the silliness and laughter and tears (good and bad).
    It was wonderful to meet you and Ben at the wedding. Sydney is blessed to have you in her life,and of course you are blessed to have her.
    ~Katie Crane