Sunday, June 2, 2013

Busy Week and Dates

This last week was a crazy one.  We had tests and papers and work.  Luckily we started out the week with a day off from school (we love three day weekends :) but sadly, that meant that work hours were short this week.

Despite it being a crazy/hectic/busy week, we still managed to make some time for fun.

Monday was Memorial Day and we went up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls for a picnic and to take our traditional pictures.

Wednesday night, I planned a special date for Ben and I to go see a pre-screening of the new movie Ephraim's Rescue.  It was made by the same people as 17 Miracles.  We both loved it.  It was a really good movie (you should go see it :) and it was nice to have a break in the middle of an insane week.

Friday night we got free Panda Express.  Twice.  You can't beat that :)

Saturday we went ice skating and out for treats.  (Sorry, no pictures)

It's nice to know that even though Ben and I have crazy schedules at times and don't get to see each other as much as we are used to, that we still make time for fun dates and that we do make it a priority to spend time together :)

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