Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nielsen Family Reunion 2013

A few weeks ago, in a catch-up post, I mentioned that Ben and I were able to go to his family reunion up near Logan towards the end of August. Since I am lame and took very few pictures, I've been waiting to write a more complete post with pictures from my various in-laws who are much better at remembering to take pictures than I am :)

So here is our reunion in pictures :)

The first thing on the agenda (once Ben and I got there) was to take family pictures in our family reunion shirts. 

Then the little boys and Angela decorated T-shirts. I got to be marker monitor and I also helped Bradley a little bit.

We also had a foseball tournament

Here are the winners :) Brooke and Papa Dave

The first night we played Scum, or as Christian calls it Scump

The next day was spent at the beach on Bear Lake. Here I am with Brooke and Charlie. 

On the Relaxation Station

You can see how pink we both started to get. 
Another family picture on the hill that the boys and little kids had built.
(My hand looks weird because I was trying to get the little boys to look at the camera)

Sunday evening after church we took more family pictures. 
The whole fam, minus Steve who was at college

The original Nielsens

All the girls

The Wet Noodle Club
(a.k.a. The In-Laws, I love these two so much :)

The newest Nielsen family :)

In case you didn't see my link on Facebook, my brother-in-law Gordy, made a music video of our reunion staring Charlie. We all had so much fun filming it and it turned out great! You can watch the music video below or by clicking here :)

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