Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where Has the Semester Gone?

Hello everybody, it's been a while.

We have been having a whirlwind semester full of work and classes. Ben has had an internship at the More Good Foundation where he is in charge of their Twitter accounts. He works there 20 hours a week and he is loving it. Ben is also working for two professors on campus for 15-20 hours a week as well. So he is super busy! On top of all that work, Ben is finishing up his last semester of undergraduate work at BYU. He's graduating in December in Political Science and is very excited for a little break from school before starting up again and working towards a Master's degree in Instructional Psychology and Technology (IP&T).

I've been working about 20 hours a week as well as a TA for an IP&T professor. I love my job :) I work with the best people and have so much fun teaching and interacting with students. I am in my first practicum semester; the end is in sight! I'm having lots of classes that focus on teaching methods for the younger grades (Kindergarten through Second grade). For the last month, I have been doing a pre-student teaching experience in a first grade classroom. I love it! My kids are so cute and so fun. And my school is amazing! This next week is my last week. I'm sad that it will be over; I'll miss my students. But I'm excited for it to be over so I can stop juggling school, work and (pretty much) full-time teaching. I'm learning so much about how to be a teacher and I love working with the students and other teachers.

We can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already! We will be spending the holiday in Colorado with Ben's family, so expect more posts about our fun adventures in Akron with the Nielsens :)

What would this post be without some pictures? :)

Here I am with my sweet nephew Bradley on his 2nd birthday! I met him when he was just a week or two old when Ben and I went on our first date. I can't believe he is growing up :)

We dressed up as pirates on National Talk Like a Pirate Day and went to Krispy Kreme with our friends Josh and Katherine to get free doughnuts. Josh and Katherine wimped out and left before we got our doughnuts. We stayed in line for 3 1/2 hours, but we each got a dozen doughnuts. 

We continued our tradition and went to General Conference in Salt Lake. This year, we got tickets from a girl Ben works with so we didn't have to stand in the stand-by line. 

We had lots of fun during Homecoming week. I loved spending time with Brooke and Charlie and Anna. It was Charlie's first parade and he had lots of fun waving and clapping at every float.

We took fall pictures at Bridal Veil Falls

We painted pumpkins with Gordy, Brooke, Charlie and Anna

Ben was Fix-it-Felix Jr. for Halloween from the movie Wreck-it Ralph

I was Calhoun from the same movie

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  1. I check everyday to see if you have posted - I really enjoy your messages and pictures. Looking forward to meeting you in person one of these days!
    Grandma Jones