Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lucy Mae: 2 Months

I thought I would be one of those moms who is so sad to see her baby grow up. And while I am sad a little bit, I also LOVE seeing Lucy grow up. I love how she is trying out new things and is geting to be more interactive and fun!

In the last month, Lucy has become more smiley intentionally and loves to coo, squawk and talk while she is awake. She is a wiggle worm and loves to be down on a blanket stretching out. During the night, Lucy has been able to turn 180 degrees so her head is at the complete opposite end of the crib! She also wiggles her way down to the other end of the crib and sometimes gets her feet stuck up above the crib edge. She doesn't like that too much 😂 Lucy can stay awake for longer periods of time during the day and can sleep through the night, even though she doesn't always do it. When I go pick her up in the night or in the morning after she's been sleeping, she gives me the biggest smile and it completely melts my heart!

Lucy's Favorites

  • Reading stories. She has started to focus on the pictures and coo at the cute animals when I point them out :) She loves her Christmas board book and always calms down as soon as we start to read it. 
  • Lucy still LOVES her changing table. If she's upset we go right there and she automatically smiles and calms down. She still loves getting her diaper changed. 
  • Christmas lights! Lucy has discovered Christmas lights this season and she absolutely LOVES seeing them. We took her out to the Riverwoods for FHE and she loved looking at all of the lights. 
  • Bath time always calms her down. She loves the sound of the faucet running and is happy as can be just sitting in her bath seat. 

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites

  • Being hungry is still her least favorite thing
  • Getting strapped in her car seat she still doesn't enjoy. 

Things I Don't Want to Forget

  • Her grunts, coos, squawks and gummy smiles are absolutely my favorite! 
  • The way she wiggles ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Her cute chubby, rolly tummy and thighs!
  • The way she looks at Christmas lights.
  • The way she smiles when Mom or Dad pick her up from sleeping. 
  • Her favorite sleeping position: snuggled with her face between the crook of your arm and armpit. 


  • 11/18 First babysitter
  • 11/22-26 First trip
  • 11/22 First trip to a National Park (Grand Canyon!)
  • 11/25 First hike
  • 12/5 First attempt sitting up by herself
  • 12/8 Meeting Uncle Hunter for the first time
  • 12/10 Blessing Day
  • 12/13 First time getting nails cut

Lucy and her friend Emma. They're only 1 month apart!

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