Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lucy Mae: 1 Month

I can't believe that Lucy Mae has been a part of our family for a whole month! In some ways it seems like she has always been a part of our family. But in other ways it seems like she was just born!

Lucy is such a good baby. She is super chill, is an amazing sleeper and a great eater (as seen by her chubby cheeks and rolly thighs!) Lucy Mae is a happy baby, unless she's hungry. And she lets us know when she is! She is very vocal about her hunger and thinks she is starving if a bottle isn't in her mouth right when she expects is. (She must get her hangry-ness from her mom ;)

Lucy's Favorites:

  • Lucy LOVES being on her changing table. If she is ever upset as soon as you lay her on her changing table, she calms right down. 
  • This girl also loves to wiggle. She is super squirmy and can move quite a ways from the spot you lay her down in. 
  • Snuggling is one of her favorite activities. She loves being held! Currently her favorite positions are scrunched up on your chest/shoulder or being cradled while she puts her hand in your armpit and her face in your chest. It is pretty much the sweetest thing ever 
  • Even though she has only had two, Lucy loves bath time. 
  • Listening to stories at bedtime
  • Her nightly vitamins

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites:
  • Being hungry is pretty much the only reason Lucy cries. And boy does she have some lungs!
  • Burping is the worst thing ever for her. Mostly because it interrupts her eating. 
  • She also doesn't like getting strapped into her carseat or driving on 500 N. 

Things I Don't Want to Forget
  • The way she sucks her favorite binky
  • Holding my fingers while she eats
  • Her hands blocking her face while trying to eat and her getting frustrated because she can't eat because her hands are in the way
  • Her cute sounds! Coos and goos, grunts and snorts, and her nightly goat sounds
  • The way she naps with her hands above her head
  • Sticking her legs straight out while she eats and how they slowly relax and fall down the longer she eats
  • Those chubby cheeks and rolly thighs
  • Her big, beautiful eyes that look up at me while she's snuggled on my chest
  • Her sweet gummy smiles
  • The head butts she gives when she is being burped but is still hungry
  • The way she wiggles and squirms while playing on her play mat
  • Her major head dives when she is over burping and wants to get back in eating/snuggling mode

  • 10/16 First outing (We went to Walmart as a family to pick up formula)
  • 10/17 First doctor appointment (2 day check-up, 2 week check up was on 10/27)
  • 10/31 First Halloween (Lucy was the cutest pineapple!)
  • 11/4 First bath
  • 11/11 Rolling over from tummy to back (I'm pretty sure this was an accident though. I put her on her tummy for tummy time but her arm was stuck under her. She wasn't too happy about tummy time that day so she wiggled and flipped herself over onto her back. She did this twice back-to-back. But once I put her on her tummy and got her arms unstuck, she hasn't rolled over since.)

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