Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lucy Mae: 5 Months

**This post was written around her 5 month birthday, but for some reason it didn't get published!**

Lucy Mae just keeps getting more and more fun and more and more cute with each passing month! This last month brought Lucy's first camping trip, her second plane ride/first time to Minnesota, her first time meeting Maggie the dog and her first time eating real food! 

She is getting better at sleeping, usually only waking up once or twice a night to get her binky put back in her mouth. She is starting to roll more and is getting good at grabbing things with her hands. 

Lucy's Favorites:
  • Bathtime
  • Eating
  • Riding in the stroller
  • Her O-Ball
  • Reading stories

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites:
  • Being alone
  • Getting stuck on her tummy (even though she does know how to roll back over!)

Things I Don't Want to Forget:
  • Her cute giggle
  • The way she does her excited dance (swaying forward and backward)

  • 2/16-18: First Camping Trip
  • 3/1: First time eating food (Rice cereal)
  • 3/10: First flight with just Mom!
  • 3/10-18: First trip to Minnesota  

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