Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lucy Mae: 6 Months

This has been my favorite age for Lucy Mae! (I know I feel like I say that every month, but this month she has definitely hit some big, fun milestones!) She is such a good eater and loves everything we feed her. She is getting to be great at sitting up on her own. And she is getting so mobile! She rolls and scoots all over the place which sometimes gets her into some predicaments. She is starting to learn now to play which is so fun! She LOVES peek-a-boo and "dump all the toys out of the basket."

This last month Lucy made the return trip from her first trip to Minnesota, went to her first movie on Mommy's birthday, had her first Easter and General Conference, moved to her own room and has just been so, so happy!

Lucy's Favorites:

  • EATING! She LOVES it when we put her in her chair and bring out the food. 
  • Rolling and playing on the floor
  • Sitting up
  • Singing songs
  • Reading books
  • Making dinosaur roars
  • Seeing herself in mirrors

Lucy's Not-So-Favorites:

  • Being left alone
  • Sitting in her chair for too long
  • Going down for naps

Things I Don't Want to Forget:

  • Her dinosaur roar
  • How happy and proud she is as she rolls around the floor
  • Playing peek-a-boo (especially under the couch)
  • How she sticks her tongue out when she's happy or excited


  • 4/1: First Easter

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