Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Week of School

After getting in late Friday night from our honeymoon in San Diego, we opted to sleep in a little bit on Saturday morning before starting our never ending to-do list.  We had so much to do before starting school on Monday, I had no idea how we would do it all.  Somehow we managed and this week ended up being pretty good.

Monday was the first day of classes for both of us.  This semester I'm taking another heavy load of 17 credits and working 16-18 hours a week as a TA for an elementary education class I took last semester. Ben is taking 15 credits this semester and is also working as a TA again for a religion professor.  We are very, very blessed and Ben was able to get more hours at this job and will now be working 15 hours a week.  

We are busy, busy, busy but things seem to be getting done.  We are still trying to figure out the balance between school work, work, sleep, eating and fun.  Hopefully we will figure it out soon.

For fun this week, we went to the women's soccer home opener Thursday night for the first half before walking over to the football stadium for the football team's first game of the season.  We have an all sports pass group with us and Ben's friend Cody and his wife Beth and 2 of Cody's siblings as well as Anna, one of Anna's roommates (or former roommate, I can't remember) and Reed, a friend from Ben and Anna's home ward. We had a lot of fun but Ben and I left with 5 minutes left in the game because it was already close to midnight and we had errands to run the next morning.  

Friday we licensed the car in Utah and we also got ourselves new Utah driver's licenses (our new car insurance requires us to have those). After doing that in the morning we came home to eat lunch and work a bit before Ben went to class.  After class we continued to work and do homework for most of the night.

Saturday we took Anna with us to do laundry and go to the grocery store.  When we got home, Ben worked and I did homework until we went to another women's soccer game.  This time we only stayed for half because there was lots of rain and lightning and they postponed the game but we decided to go home instead of wait out the storm.  

We are glad it's a three day weekend because we still have TONS to do before embarking on another week of education excellence. 

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