Sunday, September 2, 2012

I never knew the moon was made out of honey

I bet you thought it was made out cheese, but no it is made out of honey, that is why it looks so yellow (if you don't believe ask a preschooler to draw you a picture of the moon, they will let you know it is yellow). The reason, in fact, that we call the post-marriage vacation a honeymoon is because back in the day when space travel was the norm people use to go to the moon after getting married there to sip from the luscious sea of honey together, symbolic of life's sweetest joys together to be experienced.

Well, space travel is not the norm anymore (thanks Obama), but we still enjoy the tradition of the honeymoon and after Meagan and I got back from Colorado we embarked on ours. We left for sunny California, a little place called San Diego, on Monday morning. We got in fairly late so we just went for short swim in the motel pool that night. The next day we headed for Ocean Beach, it was a beautiful sunny day and the beach was not to crowded, we had opted for Tuesday for this excursion in just hopes of just such an outcome. We had a wonderful day playing in the waves, reading on the beach, and walking through the beach shops. In the afternoon we bought a couple boogie boards and Meagan taught me how to do it (I was not to good at it, but we had a lot of fun). At lunch we had discovered that we were starting to sunburn, but we put on more sunscreen and didn't worry too much about it, it was not until we were returning to the hotel that we discovered we were burnt to a crisp, and so we stopped to get a bottle of Aloe vera gel to soothe our aching backs.

Ben found a pay phone booth, but no pay phone

The next day was a day of much anticipation and excitement, we left San Diego early to go to Anaheim to go to that magical place known as Disneyland :) along the way though we stopped at Sam's club to get gas, we have a fettish with getting gas at Sam's and we had not been able to fill up since Las Vegas.   Then we arrived at the magical kingdom and parked in the Mickey lot (classy I know). I won't go through the details of everything we did there (I know you would love to read them, but I want to stem your jealousy before it gets out of control), but we had a wonderful fantastic day, some of our favorites were the Peter Pan ride, Splash Mountain, jalapeƱo and cheese pretzels, meeting Mickey, and Star Tours. 
 On the tram to Disneyland!

 Peter Pan's Flight

 On the carousel 

 On the tea cups; we liked the lanterns, they reminded us of our reception in Colorado :)

 Just outside "It's A Small World"

 Just outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle

 This is a picture of the picture they took of us going down Splash Mountain

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night
Waiting for the fireworks outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle, they never happened due to wind :(

The following day (Thursday for those keeping track) we went to another castle, this one was not very far from hotel and is know formally as the San Diego Temple. It was beautiful (you can see so in the pictures, of course, all pictures with Meagan in them are beautiful). We were very glad that we went to the beach earlier because Thursday was overcast and had some rain. In the afternoon we went to the Old Town San Diego. While there we went to the Mormon Battalion visitors center, which was really great, they have just recently redone it and it was really nice and had a lot of interactive parts. We had fun walking through all the different shops and seeing the sites of old town. Then we went up to an area known as sunset cliffs, which are really nice and romantic even when there is no sunset because of the overcast sky. While up there we went to a mexican restaurant called Ranchos, they had food as big as your head (pictured below) and a live guitar player, it was excellent.
 At the San Diego Temple

 Ben volunteered to be a soldier at the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center

 At Sunset Cliffs

 Told you the food was HUGE!

Sadly, on Friday we had to come home to Provo, along the way we stopped at the Las Vegas and St. George temples. It was a great trip. We are so happy to be married :)

Las Vegas Temple

St. George Temple

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