Sunday, September 30, 2012

If you give a cougar a warrior...

he'll ask for a glass of milk to wash it down, if you give him a give him a glass of milk he is likely to need a napkin and and a little help to wipe off the milkstache off his whiskers...
Well lets not get excessive and carry this to extremes, but what we do know is that BYU destroyed Hawaii on Friday night (and yes there were lights). Beyond the fact that BYU shut out the warriors which was nice after the previous two games, was the fact that Riley Nelson is hurt :( and so the backup quarterback Hill got a chance to show us what he is made of, this is rather encouraging since Hill played well and gives us hope that BYU football will continue to improve over the next few years.

Now as much as I love BYU football I don't usually devote a whole blog post to them, but in this particular instance we had a very busy week (among other things I was both a lawyer and a judge in two mock Supreme Court cases this week) and so there isn't a lot to blog about, and we happen to only have a picture from the football game. It is such a cute picture that we knew you would all want to see it so I wrote this whole blog post just to lead up to this:

Hope you all have a nice week :)

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