Sunday, October 7, 2012

One Year

Monday of this week (October 1st) Ben and I had been dating for one year :) we celebrated by going to Bridal Veil Falls for our fall pictures and having dinner and FHE there.

This weekend was also special because it was General Conference. General Conference is special in general but it is especially special to Ben and I because it is where we went for our first date.

It all started when Ben asked me on a date to Conference. The night before Ben and I made a picnic lunch and the next morning I picked him up at 5:00 am followed by picking up his sister Anna because his mom "really wanted her to come to Salt Lake" (This part of the story is important later) We get up to Temple Square and Anna got picked up by their brother-in-law Mike and Ben and I stood in the stand by line to try to get tickets. We waited in line playing games, eating breakfast and talking for about 3 hours before someone gave us tickets an we wee able to get out of the line and go to conference. The talks were amazing and Ben and I were both excited when the second Provo temple was announced. After conference we went to the car to get our picnic and had lunch on the grass in the east side of the temple. We went to the visitor's center and were talking when Ben put his arm around me. :) We were leaving the visitor's center and Ben grabbed my hand and held it all the way to the car.

We left and headed to his sister Amy's house where we watched the second session of conference. We got there and I was shocked to meet his mom there. I guess when Ben said that his mom really wanted Anna to come to Salt Lake it meant that his mom was there but I has no idea. After being polite through introductions I booked it over to Anna sitting on the couch because I knew her. Conference was good again and I was more comfortable around his family mostly due to his three sweet nephews who were 3, 1, and one week old. They definitely put me at ease :) After that session Ben and I drove back down to Provo so he could go to Priesthood. He held my hand the whole way home :)

That's basically the story. The true story. Ben has a different version that maybe some time he will post on here ;)


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  1. I remember that day well. Amy and I were so thrilled to meet you. We are so happy now to have you as a member of the family!