Sunday, April 6, 2014

General Conference and a Big Announcement

The Church of Jesus Christ's semi-annual General Conference was held this weekend. It is a weekend every April and October where the prophets and apostles of God as well as other leaders speak to all of the members of the Church and the world. They share spiritual messages and it is a very uplifting weekend.

Ben and I enjoy going to Conference every year. It is such a great weekend where we can just relax, not worry about getting things done, and be spiritually fed and uplifted. We try to attend at least one session of Conference each time. Normally we are able to go to the Saturday Morning session by standing in the stand-by line. This time was no exception.

Not a bad view from the stand-by line :)

The Conference Center

We made it into the morning session!

MoTab warming up

So excited to hear the Prophet and Apostles speak!

Big Announcement!
Friday, the day before General Conference, I had my second round interviews for an internship. I had the first round interviews the week before in Nebo school district but I was not selected for an internship. I was very sad about not getting an internship there. I didn't want to sign-up for second round interviews, but Ben convinced me that I should try again and if I didn't get it then I would know for sure that student teaching would be what I was supposed to do.

Anyways, I had my second round interview on Friday and I was feeling really good about it going into the interview. After the interview, I also felt like it went really well. My interview ended a little bit after 1:00pm. My friend Shannon and I went to lunch at Brick Oven to try to kill time after our interviews while we waited for phone calls telling us our fate. After an hour at lunch, we still had no call. I went and ran some errands and still didn't get a call. I went to go pick up Ben from work and I still had not received a call. It was the longest afternoon of my life! While Ben and I were driving home, I still hadn't gotten a call but I thought I should be getting one at any time. So I pulled off the road so Ben and I could switch who was driving in case I got a call and right as I was pulling off, I got a call!

I got offered a job at Falcon Ridge Elementary School in West Jordan teaching first grade and I accepted! I am very excited about this opportunity and even though Jordan School District wasn't my first choice, I am feeling really good about this internship and I feel like this is where I need to teach. Something interesting about Jordan School District is that they have different tracks/schedules when students and teachers start teaching. 3 of the tracks are a year-rounds school and 1 track is a traditional school year. I'm not sure which track I am on yet but I should be finding out in the next few weeks.

Again, I'm so happy and excited and nervous and grateful that I have this amazing opportunity to teach first graders. This is something that I have always dreamed of doing since I was in first grade! This dream that I have been working towards my whole life is finally a reality and I am so ecstatic to start!

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