Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graduation Fun!

Ben has graduated from BYU! Well, he technically graduated in December, but since BYU does not have graduation ceremonies in December, Ben walked in April. It now feels REAL!

Ben's family from Colorado were able to come so we got to do lots of fun things with them. On April 24th (before going to Commencement), we all went ice skating at Peaks Ice Arena.

Christian and I were buddies. He only wanted to race me and Angela because we are the slowest skaters. 

After ice skating, everyone went back to change and we all headed up to campus to go to the Marriott Center for the Commencement Exercises. 

We had no idea where Ben would be sitting but he ended up only a few sections directly below our seats! He got to sit by my best friend Sydney and her husband Jon. 

After Commencement, Ben and I walked home since it would be way faster than trying to drive anywhere and got ready to go to the Hunter Hayes concert that Ben got me tickets to for my birthday.

The concert was great! Hunter Hayes is a very talented musician and singer. He has a lot of energy and you can really tell that he is truly grateful for being able to do what he does. 

The next day (Friday April 25th) was Ben's Convocation for the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences. It was really, really long (due to the HUGE amount of students in that college), but the speakers were good and it was fun to see Ben walk across the stage :)

A few days before graduation, we had Ben's brother Gordy take some nicer, less crowded, graduation pictures of Ben. These are some of our favorites :)

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