Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's Official!

Yesterday I posted in Instagram and Facebook that I officially have a job for the 2015-2016 school year! It has been quite an adventure getting this job but I feel so happy, excited, and relieved.

Next year I will be a first grade teacher at Spring Creek Elementary. My class size will be between 17 and 22 students; this is much smaller than my current 25. The school has a very high Hispanic and ESL population. I'm really excited to work with the ESL students in my class. Working with them, helping them learn English, has been something that I have really wanted to do since I was in high school and was taking Spanish classes from one of the best teachers in the world. Currently I only have a few ESL students in my class, but they are some of my favorite kids to work with. The school is a Title 1 school which will be very different from my current school. Spring Creek also has a lot of technology and I will have a Promethean board in my classroom. I'm really excited to learn how to use it :)

Before I accepted this job, I had interviewed at two other jobs, one in Provo and one in Salem. I didn't get either of those jobs. But I did a phone interview for the job at Spring Creek (I had to do a phone interview because they only had interview times at 8:00 am and that is when I needed to be at my current school) and it was the best interview I think I have ever had. Even though I felt so sick that morning, I was confident with my answers and they seemed impressed. Less than 2 hours after my interview, they offered me the job! I was taking a half sick day so I could go to the doctor to get whatever was wrong with me figured out, so I called them back and said I could give them an answer that afternoon after I had talked with my husband. After I got home from the doctor, I talked to Ben and it seemed like this would be a good job for me because it had so many benefits, both personal and professional. And the biggest factor: it is only 8 minutes away from our apartment! So I called them back and accepted the job.

The next day, as I was teaching my class, my principal came in and offered me a job at my school in my grade! Up to this point, it was basically impossible for me to keep my job because of other teachers moving to different grades and interns coming in and other messy situations which is why I had started applying to other places closer to Provo. I felt sick to my stomach and told my principal that I would think about it over the weekend and let her know on Monday. After a really long weekend of talking with Ben and hashing out the pros and cons of each job, we decided that it would be best for me and for us to stay with the job in Provo. And I'm so glad that I did! It feels so right and next week when I'm off track, I get to meet with my team to work on curriculum maps and do observations an get my questions answered. There are so many teachers at my school who are sad to see me go, and that really makes me feel loved, but they are also so excited for me to be able to work close to home and in my grade level. (They find it amazing that I commute 40-55 minutes each way daily for this whole school year. I find it amazing some days too...)

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  1. Wow! 2 job offers speaks very highly of your abilities. Congratulations!