Sunday, April 3, 2016

Marching Forward

March was another busy month with lots of birthdays and birthday celebrations, a temple dedication and Easter. And Ben wrapped up his master's project and defense. And I continued teaching a rambunctious group of first graders with spring fever. 

Now for some pictures :)
Maxwell's 6th birthday: Clark ended up really liking one of Max's presents 

I love getting to hold this sweet baby!

I've lost 13 pounds since January and I had to buy new exercise pants that fit. 

Celebrating Ben's successful defense of his master's project at DP with his family. 

Going up to Bridal Veil to take some stock pictures of our van and almost getting squashed by a huge boulder. 

A huge hole in our ceiling that took literally all month to get fixed. 
Tucanos for birthday meal #1

Temple date on the 4 year anniversary of our engagement. 

Rock climbing triple date with some of Ben's friends from work. 

A new pencil sharpener for my classroom that I am over-the-moon excited about. 

Took my ring to get cleaned, polished, dipped, resized and got some prongs fixed. It felt so weird to be without my ring for 2 days!

Lots of play testing nights at the Hancocks. 

Buying a LoveSac. 

Babysitting Charlie and Rose. 


Teacher Appreciation Week

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