Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week 36 Update

I still can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! I can't believe we are only 4 weeks away from meeting our baby girl! It's pretty crazy.

Since my last update, things have been going very still still. My blood pressure at my last two appointments has been good and my weight gain has been good too.

Since I missed my last update (Week 35) here's what's been going on the last three weeks.
Week 34 I ended up walking a lot with Mary for an entire week. We would go walk for an hour at the Rec Center every day. It must have helped her because after doing that for a week she finally had her baby! It was also during this week that I started to get a lot of pelvic pain and pressure. Turns out it was my baby settling into place to get ready to come meet her family and friends! Week 34 was also the longest week of my pregnancy. Not quite sure why. Nothing crazy or different was happening that week, but it just seemed to never end!

Week 35 went by pretty quick and Ben and I were able to spend a couple evenings with the Bosens and their cute new baby. It was fun to talk to them and to snuggle such a new little girl! I had my last two-week appointments during this week and everything looked goo.

Week 36 seemed to go by quickly as well. It finally started to feel like fall so for the first time in a while, I haven't had to wake up in the middle of the night from being too hot! Our apartment is finally cooling off and I am so much more comfortable with the cooler temperatures.

At my appointment this week, my blood pressure was excellent again and my doctor was very surprised at how far "advanced" my baby is. When my doctor was doing my exam she was surprised to feel the baby's head so easily! She was also impressed that I was already dilated 2 cm since this is my first pregnancy. This is why I have been so sore and why it's been so hard for me to walk and just move in general. I definitely have the pregnant lady waddle down. But it isn't from being huge, just from being sore. I definitely look pregnant but I'm not nearly as big/round looking as most of my friends were at this time in their pregnancies. Thanks to my height, I have a lot more room for a baby to be :)

How far along? 36 weeks 
Size of baby? The food still isn't making sense. This week was a cantaloupe or a papaya.   But she is about 18.5-19 inches long and around 5.5 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? Still rocking the baggy t-shirts and exercise capris and shorts while I'm around the house. Since it's cooled off, I have also added sweats to the mix. When I go out into the public, I wear my one pair of maternity pants/jeggings. I found another pair at DI that I'm going to start wearing and I have another pair coming in the mail from Zulily that I ordered a few weeks ago. 
Stretch marks? Lots of little ones appear basically every day but I'm not to concerned 
Exercise? Since I have been so sore, my exercise has been walking around the store while I'm shopping or walking down to Mary's apartment to hold her baby :) I also had a cold I got from Ben this week which didn't help my motivation. So hopefully next week I'll get back on track. 
Sleep? I'm getting into a pretty good routine, especially with the cooler weather. I usually wake up once between 1 and 3 to go to the bathroom then fall asleep pretty quickly. Then I wake up again between 4 and 6 to go to the bathroom again. About half the time I can fall back asleep until 8 and the other half of the time, I stay awake until 8 and then sleep for another hour or two after Ben leaves for work. I guess my body is training me to take care of a baby!
Movement? Lots of kicks, punches and head-butts lately. Wednesday and Thursday this week though she was moving a TON! Way more than she has been lately so that was fun :) She still likes to move right when I'm trying to fall asleep and first thing in the morning. 
Food cravings? Still lots of milk and smaller meals/snacks throughout the morning and into the early afternoon with not very much for dinner. 
Food aversions? Not really. Still have heartburn every night with varying degrees. I think I only had one really bad night this week though. So I'm trying to avoid eating too late or eating certain foods. 
Milestones? Down to once a week appointments. Doctor said baby probably won't go over due date; most likely a few days early (at least!). Baby in correct position to be born. My doctor predicts that as soon as I start having contractions my body will be able to get my baby out pretty quick!

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