Thursday, October 12, 2017

39 Week Update

I made it to my 39 week appointment and my doctor was kind of surprised to see me there. She was so sure I was going to deliver last week!

I had a good blood pressure today and haven't gained any weight over my last two appointments which is good news. I am still 80% effaced but have now dilated to 3 cm and the baby is sitting even lower (which I didn't even think was possible!) 

My doctor striped my membranes today in hopes of sending me into labor in the next day or two. It might be working! I have had my strongest contractions since I was at the doctor's office, but now I'm just waiting for them to be consistent and strong. 

If I don't have my baby this weekend though my doctor did schedule to have me induced on Tuesday since she is going out of town on Wednesday for a few days. She said that my baby is big enough (she's predicting 8 lbs!) and that she has been sitting for so low for so long that she's ready to come out, she just might need a little prodding. 

How far along? 39 weeks 
Size of baby? Pumpkin or Watermelon depending on which app I looked at. They also say that the baby is between 19 and 20 inches and 7-9 lbs.  
Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans and sweatpants are still my life.  
Stretch marks? More and more come every day. 
Exercise? I went to the Rec Center almost every day this last week to walk for 30-45 minutes in hopes of getting this baby out! 
Sleep? I'm still having mostly good nights with two solid 3 hour sleep sessions where I can easily fall back asleep in-between the sessions. I've also been able to squeeze in another 3 hour session from about 5:00 am-8:00 am. 
Movement? She was moving less this week and her movements weren't as strong. She was making her kick counts though so I wasn't too worried. 
Food cravings? Still lots of milk and cereal. I've added baby carrots and apples to my daily intake and the last few days I've been drinking lots and lots of pineapple juice in hopes of it starting labor. 
Food aversions? My heartburn has been a lot less this last week. I still take Tums before I go to bed most nights, but I usually don't have to take them in the middle of the night anymore.  
Milestones? No more prenatal appointments! Membranes got stripped! Dilated to a 3! Scheduled to be induced on Tuesday if nothing happens this weekend!

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