Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

Despite my lack of presence on this blog, we actually did things this year :)


  • Rang in the new year at home and barely stayed awake 
  • Ben started teaching at Liahona
  • Went to see BYU's production of The Count of Monte Cristo



  • Celebrated Rosie's first birthday
  • Celebrated my 23rd birthday
  • Got a real camera


  • Went to General Conference in Salt Lake
  • I graduated from BYU
  • Went to the Payson Temple open house
  • Ben started working on his prospectus for his Master's project


  • I accepted a new teaching job for the 2015-2016 school year much closer to home
  • I chopped off and donated 10 inches of my hair
  • Saw BYU's production of Princess Academy


  • Took a quick trip to Tuacahn (during the middle of a school week!)
  • Went to the Manti Pageant 
  • Ben finished his prospectus and started on his Master's project


  • I had my last day of school from my first year of teaching
  • 4th of July in Provo (it's the best)
  • Celebrated Ben's 26th birthday
  • Went to Montana for the Davis Family Reunion


  • I became a licensed Zumba instructor
  • Did another quick trip to Tuacahn
  • Nielsen Family Reunion in Cedar Hills
  • I started my second year of teaching first grade
  • Celebrated our 3 year anniversary
  • Moved apartments 
  • Went to our ward campout with our friends the Jensens


  • We both tried to keep our heads above water as we started a crazy school year/semester


  • We went to General Conference (and got in!)
  • Participated in BYU Homecoming activities (with both of us as alumni!)
  • Fall break to the Grand Canyon (probably our favorite thing we did this year)
  • Halloween


  • Saw BYU's production of Beauty and the Beast
  • Helped pack thousands of Salem boxes
  • Went to Colorado for Thanksgiving


  • Moved apartments (again!)
  • Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert
  • Minnesota for Christmas
  • Colorado for New Years

This has been one of the hardest years I think for both of us. Ben has been working hard all year on his Master's project and will hopefully defend it in February. We have had family situations we didn't anticipate, the death of our very close friend, and other unexpected situations. But we are grateful for each other, our families, our friends and our knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has helped us through our hard times and that has helped us celebrate the good times. 

We are excited for what 2016 will bring and are eager to see where we are at this time next year! 

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